About our


The history of the creation of the salon began from the moment of the meeting of two talented people who were inspired to create this project only after the birth of love between them.

She has been creating hair beauty for the last 16 years, she was number 1 in Ukraine, not only in the beauty industry, she worked as a TV presenter for 10 years, starred in 2 films, had several of her own businesses, became the queen of blondes, the record for her was already closed for new clients, because there were too many doing.

He is an impeccable businessman who makes every project that his hands touch super successful. There is nothing that does not give in to him, he always wins and moves forward with the light of sound.

They have become not only an ideal couple, but also ideal business partners, they complement each other in the way they write about it in fairy tales.

The perfect couple, unbeatable in business, created a place where all the most advanced services are gathered, in 1 location you can get all the unthinkable services of the highest quality, you can trust their choice more than your own. We invite you to our family.