Why Russian Style Manicure is Better Than Normal Manicures

When it comes to keeping our hands looking beautiful, there are plenty of options available, including traditional manicures and gel manicures. However, one option that has been gaining popularity in recent years is the Russian Style Manicure. This type of manicure gets its name and reputation from the multi-step process that Russian nail technicians have been performing for years. It’s a dry process that involves filing, cutting, and removing the cuticle with electric drill bits for a clean, edge-less look.

So why is a Russian Style Manicure better than a traditional or gel manicure? Let’s take a closer look.

Clean, Edge-Less Look

One of the biggest advantages of a Russian Style Manicure is the clean, edge-less look that it provides. Unlike traditional manicures and gel manicures, which often leave roughness or damage on the skin, the e-file machine used in a Russian Style Manicure gently removes the cuticle while leaving no roughness or damage on the skin. This results in a smooth, polished look that lasts much longer than traditional manicures.

Healthier Nails

Another advantage of a Russian Style Manicure is that it is a healthier option for your nails. The process of removing the cuticle with an e-file machine is less damaging to the nail bed than traditional methods, which can leave your nails looking dry and brittle. Additionally, the electric drill bits used in the process are much gentler on the skin, reducing the risk of infections or other problems.

Faster Process

If you’re short on time, a Russian Style Manicure is the perfect option for you. The process is much faster than traditional manicures, taking only 30-45 minutes on average. This makes it a great option for busy women who want to keep their hands looking beautiful without having to spend hours in the salon.

Long-Lasting Results

One of the best things about a Russian Style Manicure is that it lasts much longer than traditional or gel manicures. This means that you can enjoy your beautiful, polished nails for several weeks without having to touch them up.

Logunova Beauty Salon Manicure Services

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